Katy Perry vs. Sara Bareilles

Submitted by Mike D.

sara bareilles vs. katy perry on ThatSongSoundsLike.com

It’s been too long since posting about a Dr. Luke produced song so here we are. Check out Katy Perry‘s recently released track “Roar” and Sara Bareilles track “Brave”.  Even the lyrics are pretty similar. Since Jack Antonoff from the band Fun co-wrote “Brave” I’m going to add “We Are Young” (2011) here as well since you can hear the clear inspiration.

Katy Perry - "Roar" (August, 2013)
Sara Bareilles - "Brave" (April, 2013)
fun. - "We Are Young (Chorus)" (2011)

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16 Replies to “Katy Perry vs. Sara Bareilles”

  1. Haasey

    Wow that’s all sorts of similar in terms of drum beats.

    New drinking game.

    A sip for ever Dr Luke mention and a skull for every Dr Luke song that’s had a litigation issue.

  2. Johnny

    That is shocking. I see “Brave” was only out a couple of months ago. Everyone has picked up on this, maybe they’re deliberately trying to stir up controversy. Did they even change any notes? This one is a serious litigation candidate, moving into plagiarism territory.

    Sara Bareilles has been ripped before. Check her “Love Song” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=qi7Yh16dA0w&t=7 – and contrast with Michael Bublé’s “Haven’t Met You Yet” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AJmKkU5POA

  3. Johnny

    Actually I think what happened is that Katy and her team bought the song off Sara. There’s no way they would just put that out without clearing it. Katy even tweeted at the time how much she loved Sara and her new song “Brave”. Oh well, looks to have been a great move from a commercial standpoint as the sales are massive.

    1. Keith Post author

      I read about that tweet and was thinking that maybe that was just her trying to save her ass. Who knows, they’re all cashing in on their songs regardless.

  4. Johnny

    Dr. Luke actually tweeted that “Roar” was written and recorded BEFORE “Brave” was released. Erm, what?! Unless Sara Bareilles had access to a time machine to go 4 months in the future and steal Katy’s song that’s a mighty big coincidence.

    Something shady about this, hits have been made out of flops before (such as Pussycat Dolls “Don’t Cha”), though Bareilles is high profile so this would be noticed. Dr. Luke has links to fun., as Kesha’s “Die Young” was co-written by the singer, so some sort of deal I think. Maybe the ASCAP website holds the answer.

      1. Johnny

        Oh and bad eyesight for 8 pt fonts.. but am short sighted and excessive PC use keeps making it worse. So FB was a real delight, then! I know about text enlargement etc but forget most times. And generally miss uber subtle US irony. 😉

        *clicks actual reply*

  5. Johnny

    Sorry I missed that reply, lol.. I SKIM a lot as I think faster than I type. 😉

    Perhaps cuz I avoid Twatter and his in particular, like the PLAGUE. It’s almost entirely cokehead gibberish..

    Oh and I have to say I LOVE the least flattering pics you dig up on here, particularly Chris Colfer. I need to read the entire posts more before weighing in musical knowledge. 😮

    1. Keith Post author

      Glad you dig my image choices. It’s one my favorite parts of the post. I also find it funny that Wikipedia usually has the worst photos. Most likely because the author needs something in the public domain.

    1. Mark Adams

      You make it sound like shoplifting. They’re only chords and you can do so much with them, which may be why it’s almost impossible to copyright a chord progression.

  6. Mark Adams

    I think the chorus melody of Roar sounds like She Likes Surprises by Soundgarden (1994) and part of The Scientist by Coldplay (2002).

  7. Miranda

    They only really sound similar to untrained ears. When I first heard each I had trouble telling them apart from the intro — but then when I performed “Brave” live I had practiced it so often that “Roar” no longer sounded anything like it. Furthermore, the lyrics are nothing alike. “Brave” is about stepping up and speaking your truth, “Roar” is a more aggressive song about not taking people’s shit anymore.

    1. Mark Adams

      Admittedly, with musical training you can more easily notice both similarities and differences between songs, but the melodies of Roar and Brave are virtually identical with similar piano accompaniment. Anyway, Blow Me (One Last Kiss) by Pink (2012) has a similar melody in its chorus.


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