One Direction vs. Big Time Rush

One Direction vs. Big Time Rush

Hot off the press and submitted by Lauren.

It’s the battle of the boy bands.

Let’s check out Big Time Rush‘s new song “Song For You”:

Big Time Rush - "Song For You" (2013)

And now lets listen to One Direction‘s “Heart Attack”:

One Direction - "Heart Attack" (2012)


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10 Replies to “One Direction vs. Big Time Rush”

  1. Lauren

    Hello dear,

    It’s me again (Imagine that!) 🙂

    My sister pointed out something VERY similar to me this morning! It’s another Big Time Rush song and the drumbeat on it sounds JUST LIKE the drumbeat on the classic song, “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins. Also, you can compare this SAME EXACT DRUMBEAT to Allstar Weekend’s “Hey, Princess.” It’s all the SAME DRUMBEAT but either faster or slower.

    Check it out, hun! (I’m AMAZED!!!!)

    “Footloose” (1984) -Kenny Loggins

    “Hey, Princess” (2011) -Allstar Weekend

    “24/Seven” (2013) -Big Time Rush

    Have fun being amazed like I was! LOL! 😀

  2. Lauren

    Oh, and while I’m on the ball, here’s another one my twin sis noted. It’s a comparison between Demi Lovato’s new song, “Two Pieces” and a piece of classical music. If you listen to the drumbeat on this one, the drumbeats sound similar to the “Pirates Of the Caribbean” music.

    “Two Pieces” (2013) -Demi Lovato (Instrumental Only)

    “Two Pieces” (2013) -Demi Lovato (Actual Song w/vocals)

    “Pirate’s of the Caribbean Instrumental from “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl” ” (2003) -

    Sorry for the inundation of submissions! I just have a really musical ear (I’m a musician, it’s what we do! LOL!)

  3. Lauren

    And now that I think about it, this made me SUPER ANGRY. Shane Harper (I guess he’s some recent Disney Channel Star,) ripped off the Jonas Brothers. The guitar beat off of his latest single is TOTALLY STOLEN from the Jonas Brother’s single off of their show, “JONAS LA” from a few years back.

    It’s true that stars are stealing other people’s music ALL THE TIME. If this doesn’t scream, “PLAGIARISM,” I don’t know what does!!!

    “Your Biggest Fan” (2010) -Jonas Brothers (from JONAS LA)

    “Rocketship” (2013) -Shane Harper

    Oh but wait……it get’s better from there! If you hear the melody he is singing in the Chorus is the SAME ONE FROM NICK JONAS’S GUITAR SOLO IN HIS SONG, “Who I am!!!” It sounds like what he is singing could match the guitar in this song! Listen to the Chorus:

    “Do your knees go weak
    Does your tongue get twisted
    Afraid to close your eyes
    Cause you might miss this
    I need to know, I need to know
    Is it like a rocketship
    That stole your heart
    Box it up and took it all the way to Mars
    I need to know, I need to know”

    And now, listen to THIS: (Guitar riff from Nick Jonas’s “Who I Am” (2010)

    Now compare the guitar riff to what he’s singing in the Chorus:

  4. Lauren

    That’s all for now. I”l be back should I find any more!!! (I figure that all these should hold you long enough!!)

  5. holly

    the start of one direction what makes you beautiful sounds like ‘summer loving’ the song from grease!! everyone has probably noticed this, it’s so obvious but i have to say it anyway!


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